I swear I’m alive

Where have I been since December?

I totally planned on posting about my new planner as soon as I got it all set up and ready. But then school happened.

Yes, school. I returned to post-secondary school this January to start a year-long program for a Medical Office Assistant certificate. The certificate will allow me to work in hospitals, doctor’s offices, and alternative health clinics (massage therapy, chiropractors, etc).

I’m really excited about this new path I’m on, and I think the career I’m going for is a great fit for me. That said, school has been grueling.

I worked my butt off this past semester. It’s true. I have no more butt. It totally paid off: I got straight A+s in all 5 of my courses, and made it onto the Dean’s List. This will mean good things when I go searching for a job.

I have the summer off and then I’m back in school in September, with another 5 courses, this time five days a week instead of four.

My planner will be getting very heavy use.

It got very heavy use in Winter Semester too, of course, but since the semester ended I haven’t been doing much. I’ve been sleeping and working as many freelance hours as I can to make rent. But mainly sleeping. I haven’t written much of anything down in my planner, and the last habit tracker I did was in April. (I have been sticking to my habits though! Very proud of myself there.)

Honestly, I can’t believe it’s the end of June already. This year — and life in general, honestly — is going by so fast. My mom has a huge milestone birthday at the end of this month (70!!), I’m turning 32 in August, and my husband hits 37 two weeks after my birthday.

The summer is already half-over, and I am way behind in so many things.

What I’m not behind in, though, is procrastination with crafting. Ok, to be fair, a couple of things I made were birthday gifts for my mom. But otherwise…yup, completely avoiding other things that need to be done via crochet and knitting.

Well. There are worse ways to procrastinate.


FO: Meat Popsicle

“Sir, do you classify as human?”

“Negative, I am a meat popsicle.”

One of the best lines in one of the greatest sci-fi movies of all time.

As mentioned, our nephew is named Korben — so this Christmas I’m going all out with the Fifth Element inspired gifts. Not only is he getting a stocking with the symbol of the four elements on it, but I also crocheted him a “stuffed animal” that he can cuddle with…except it’s a popsicle. Made of meat.

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FO: Scrappy Granny Shawl

I made this back in August, but didn’t post about it, because I’m terrible at blogging. We’ve established this. ;P

The pattern can be found here. I used scraps of whatever I had in my stash, and my trusty 6 mm crochet hook, and managed to hook it up in a matter of days. It was a quick decision to make it, as my mom and I were going to be seeing my aunty for her birthday and I wanted to make her something.

I also bought a couple of skeins of yarn for it, mainly for the edging, because I was running really low on any one stash yarn and I wanted the edging to be uniform. I really wish I could remember what the yarn was called, but I have lost the wrappers that went with it, and my memory is the worst. I do know it was chunky and had sparkly bits in it and I got it at Michael’s. It might have been Lion Brand?

Oh HO! I have just done a Google Image search for sparkly yarns and found the one it was — Bernat Satin Sparkle in Amethyst*. Apparently it says it’s worsted, but the one I got feels pretty chunky. Anyway, it is really nice and sparkly, and I did pick up 2 skeins in Amethyst and one skein in a dark red color which I think was called Cabernet.

In the pictures you can see my mom modelling it after I photographed it lying on our motel bed in Sechelt. (We were there for the Festival of the Written Arts, and my Aunty happened to be there at the same time, so we met up.)

As for my aunty’s reaction…it was a HUGE hit. 🙂

*(Links to Amazon from here are affiliate links — I get a small commission if you end up buying from Amazon after clicking the link. You don’t get charged extra.)

Currently working on: still crocheting the popsicle for Korben and doing 2 knitting orders right now. (I sometimes sell my knitting for extra cash around this time of year.)

FO: The Fifth Element Christmas Stocking

Wow, long time no write. Sorry about that.

I have been insanely busy for a while now, and for a bit I wasn’t really doing any projects (except my planner, which I will be blogging about again). However, the past few months has seen me knitting and crocheting like a fiend! Especially because Christmas is coming up.

A project I’m about 99% done with is a new Christmas stocking for our nephew, Korben, who just turned a year old. Yes, his name is from the movie The Fifth Element, and you’ll see his stocking references the film as well….

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