About the Blog

This is a blog I started to document my journey with Barefoot Books, but after a while my vision for the blog changed. I’m passionate about a lot of things, not just children’s literacy, and to be honest focusing an entire blog around basically one subject turned out to be very daunting. Also, there are tons of things I want to talk about that never quite feel at home at my author blog (which is sparsely updated and has no set purpose except being a place where I can blog as an author).

I’m still talking about Barefoot Books, but I’ll also be talking about non-Barefoot kids’ books, my various adventures crafting, my bullet journalling, and overall how I attempt to live a mindful, positive life and how that attempt is usually pretty flaily.

I don’t have a Pinterest-ready life and I don’t pretend to, and my projects often take me an incredibly long time if I don’t abandon them completely. But eventually, I get there. Eventually, this chunk of yarn will be a hat. Or socks. Or whatever else.

(Originally the blog was called Barefoot in Langley, because I was doing Barefoot Books in Langley and planning on settling down there. That plan has changed. I’m still in Langley as of the edits to this page, but we’re not going to be here forever.)

About Me

I’m an author and a pagan. I live with my husband; we are future parents and current aunt and uncle to a nephew, a niece, and his best friends’ baby. I enjoy knitting, crochet, bullet journalling, and crafting in general. I also love to bake and generally be domestic. When I’m not working like heck to make rent, I’m writing books for adults (you can learn more about Katje the author here).

Affiliate disclosure

Anytime I link to a Barefoot Book the link will contain my affiliate code. If Eva links to a book in her guest posts, the links will contain her affiliate code. The links in the sidebar of the blog also contain my affiliate code. Thus any purchase you make at Barefoot Books via links here on this site will support me or Eva.

As well, if I link to Amazon, I use my affiliate code. If you order something from there after using my link, I get a small commission. You don’t get charged any extra.