FO: The Fifth Element Christmas Stocking

Wow, long time no write. Sorry about that.

I have been insanely busy for a while now, and for a bit I wasn’t really doing any projects (except my planner, which I will be blogging about again). However, the past few months has seen me knitting and crocheting like a fiend! Especially because Christmas is coming up.

A project I’m about 99% done with is a new Christmas stocking for our nephew, Korben, who just turned a year old. Yes, his name is from the movie The Fifth Element, and you’ll see his stocking references the film as well….

I used the Churchmouse At Home Basic Christmas Stockings pattern (here on Ravelry) and did a size between Medium and Jolly Big, casting on 76 stitches. I honestly probably could have made it smaller, but also this stocking is supposed to last a lot longer than the one I made last year, which was smaller than the Wee size.

Yarn used: Impeccable Solids by Loops and Threads (100% acrylic), in colorways Red Hot, Grass, Aran, Bright Sky Blue, and Sunny Day. I used a small 7 circular needle for most of the stocking, switching to DPNs for the toe and heel.

The chart I created myself; the design is the same as the tattoo Leeloo has in The Fifth Element, but each element is in a corresponding color. You can download a PDF from this site; I created it using Stitch Fiddle. (My first chart creation! :D)

Overall, I’m really proud with how this stocking turned out. I did a really good job grafting the toe and heel, which is a first — usually I do so badly at grafting that I give up and do a three-needle bind off instead.

All that’s left is to block it, embroider his name on the cuff, and stitch in a lining, but otherwise the stocking is pretty much done. So excited to give this to them this Christmas!

Starting work on a #Christmas stocking for my nephew. #knitting #knittersofinstagram #stockings #xmasstocking

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Next on the needles: well, hooks. I’m crocheting — for the same little guy — a stuffed animal. Except it’s not an animal, it’s a popsicle. And if you’ve watched the movie, you can guess the colors I’m using…. 😉

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