FO: Meat Popsicle

“Sir, do you classify as human?”

“Negative, I am a meat popsicle.”

One of the best lines in one of the greatest sci-fi movies of all time.

As mentioned, our nephew is named Korben — so this Christmas I’m going all out with the Fifth Element inspired gifts. Not only is he getting a stocking with the symbol of the four elements on it, but I also crocheted him a “stuffed animal” that he can cuddle with…except it’s a popsicle. Made of meat.

The pattern I used was the Popsicle Kawaii Cuddler by 3AmGrace Designs. Instead of rainbow colors for the popsicle, I chose a dark red and a white to create the look of marbled raw steak.

I’m pretty happy with how that part of it turned out.

A crochet work in progress in red and white.

Middle of constructing one side of the popsicle.

A crochet work-in-progress. It looks like a popsicle made of raw meat.

Both sides waiting for assembly.

A finished piece of crochet; it is a stuffed popsicle in red and white, looking like raw marbled steak.

The finished object.

Of course, wouldn’t be the season of me madly making things if I didn’t screw up pretty badly. The popsicle turned out WAY bigger than I had anticipated. It wasn’t until I was completely finished with the thing that I realized I’d used the wrong size hook. It called for an H. I’d used an I.

This was especially galling because part of getting the supplies for the popsicle included getting a new set of hooks for me — because I didn’t have any H hooks. I did, however, have several Is. So I could have gone ahead with one of the ones I already had!

Oh well. Got me a new set of hooks. 😉

Also I’m not too worried about it being a massive size. Less of a hazard that way.

I did decide not to add eyes or a mouth even though the pattern called for them…because I think with a popsicle that’s made of raw meat that’s a level of horror I didn’t want. 😉

Next on the needles/hooks: trying to see about crocheting a Santa Hat for my beloved, and will also be starting up some legwarmers and a toque for a friend’s baby. Plus, arm-warmers for a friend.

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