21st Annual Fort Langley Cranberry Festival

A wood carving of a First Nations wolf design rests on a sign on a traffic island.
The Kwantlen Wolf Spirit Square in Fort Langley.

On Saturday it was the 21st annual Fort Langley Cranberry Festival. I’d never been before even though I’ve lived in Langley for two years, so I decided to check it out.

It was raining, so I didn’t expect a massive turnout. I was wrong. The entire street was closed off for tents with vendors, food trucks, entertainment, and, of course, cranberries. There were throngs of people (and a lot of dogs) roaming around: checking out the vendors, jamming to the music, eating food truck food, and cleaning up on cranberries. Multiple food vendors had cranberry-specific items, such as cranberry honey, and there was a huge tent from Ocean Spray where they were selling cranberries by the pound.

(All the cranberries are local, though they are shipped down to Washington for packaging, as that’s where Ocean Spray is located.)

White tents decorate a rainy, closed off street, and groups of people mill around.
The filled street and throngs of people.

I didn’t even get to see the whole festival, as my back is not back to 100% after September. I tired halfway down the street and knew I had to turn back or I wouldn’t make it home.

Foolishly I forgot to bring cash, thinking there wouldn’t be many vendors and that I didn’t need to spend any extra money anyway. Well, I don’t need to spend extra money, but there were a lot of vendors. And I should have picked up a pound of cranberries! Then I could have made cranberry sauce from scratch this year. Next year I’ll go on a shopping spree!

Musicians perform in an open-air truck-stage in front of a big yellow building with the words "Fort Langley Community Hall" on it.
The musicians performing in front of Fort Langley Community Hall (which is actually where I got married!).

Though I didn’t see all of it, Cranberry Festival is pretty amazing and I am duly impressed with it. If you are in Langley for Canadian Thanksgiving weekend next year, you should definitely come check it out!


World Kindness Day

Hi! Katje here.

Whoa, it’s been a while since I posted! I am so sorry. I got super wrapped up in a bunch of things. In October I was double-booked with a Barefoot table at the 4th Annual Health and Wellbeing for Children, Youth, and Adults with Developmental Disabilities Conference and volunteering at the Vancouver Writers’ Fest, and since the start of November I’ve been super busy with events and getting ready for the Christmas season!

Speaking of, I’ll be at the Fort Langley Merry Little Christmas Shop tonight, 5:30-9pm, at the Fort Langley Community Hall on Glover. Check the Events page for more info, then come on by and talk to me about putting together an Advent Book Calendar for your favourite reader this holiday season.

Hope to see you there!

Today is World Kindness Day, so I wanted to talk about some books that feature kindness and generosity.

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Community Living Days, Douglas Park, September 27th

Hello everyone! Katje here.

On Saturday I held a table at the Community Living Day event at Douglas Park in Langley.

The event was a lot of fun and a huge success. There was live music, food, a few vendors, art work, and draws for prizes. I donated two books to the raffle — Emily’s Tiger and Herb the Vegetarian Dragon — and I hope whoever won them enjoys them immensely.

The event wasn’t very long but even so I met a lot of people and made some great contacts in the community, and it left me excited to participate in the next community event.

Hope I see you there!