FO: Legwarmies

A long, long time ago (in a galaxy far away? No it was right here on Earth) I started a pair of legwarmers for my niece.

It took me so long to make any progress on them, that by the time I was anywhere near imagining being finished, her legs were too big for them.

So I decided to make them for my nephew! But by the time I started nearing the end of them AND the time of year he might actually be able to wear them, he was too big. I didn’t foresee him getting much use out of them, truth be told.

So instead the leg-warmers went to the new baby of my husband’s best friends.

Sadly I only have one picture to share of them (and tbh, it doesn’t really do them justice, because phone camera + the lighting in my house is awful, but whatever, here you are):

The yarn was this amazing, super soft, sparkly concoction that HAS BEEN DISCONTINUED because the gods of yarn like to break my heart. I still have some left, and I am saving it for something special. (Read: it will sit in my stash unused until I say “screw it” and make a hekspoffer or two with it.)

(What’s a hekspoffer? That is better answered in a separate post.)

Anyway, our friends LOVED the legwarmers. They live up north and their baby doesn’t fit in the carseat when she’s wearing her snow suit, so the legwarmers are actually PERFECT for car rides to keep her little legs warm! I was super pleased that my gift worked out so well.

The pattern (linked at the top of this post) is pretty easy to follow — if you can knit in the round and know basic knit and purl stitches, you should be able to do it — so I’ll likely be coming back to it to make more leg warmers in the future.


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