Using Your Planner to Heal Yourself

There are lots of tools for emotional and physical healing out there, but today I want to talk about using your planner to heal yourself.

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Planning for Healing Change

In the planner world there’s a lot of focus on hustle, on crushing goals and making dreams happen. That’s all well and good, but it’s no longer my focus. I have discovered, through years of planning and journalling and an on-again, off-again relationship with those activities, that where the true value in planning lies for me is in healing.

When I focus on planning as a road to healing my trauma, I am better equipped to truly make my goals happen — or to realize I actually have different goals from what I thought I did.

We all have trauma. Some of us have had quantifiably less than others, but it doesn’t make their pain or need for healing any less.

Some people have trauma from their early childhoods and their families, and others have experienced it later in life.

Regardless the source of your trauma, you can work to heal it.

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