Turning my DIY Planner into a part-time Manifestation Board using an IKEA catalogue, glue, and crafting tape

Hey everyone! Hope your holiday season and your January were pretty good.

It’s been a while since I’ve been on here….January was mostly reserved for me recovering from 2016, and I fell ill a few times. The rest I had was sorely needed, and I hope to have more energy and focus in the near future.

One thing I’ve been working on a bit is my DIY planner. I started this project in 2016, hoping to have it ready by 2017 but that didn’t happen. So I’ve been working on it in January and now February, trying to get it mostly complete sometime soon. So far I’ve got all of February written out and the March title page.

I decided I wanted to do something special with the title pages, and it occurred to me I could do mini-manifestation boards, especially as I’ll be looking at my planner every day.

Manifestation boards, or vision boards, or treasure maps, are something I’ve toyed with off and on since I was in high school and we made one as part of youth group at church. This was years before “The Secret,” and to be honest I’m not a huge fan of the ideas from The Secret or its followers. I believe that desire is a powerful tool, but not as all-powerful as some followers of The Secret seem to believe it is. There are lots of situations we simply cannot change by force of will alone.

However, I do believe that what we interact with on a regular basis does have an effect on us, so seeing (or hearing, touching, smelling, etc) something everyday will work some sort of magic in our lives, for good or for ill.

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Hello there!

This is me.

Hi! My name is Katje and I’m an Ambassador for Barefoot Books.

What’s Barefoot Books? Well, they create beautiful children’s books for kids the world over. I decided to become part of the Barefoot Books Ambassador opportunity because I believe in instilling the virtues of compassion and literacy in kids. I also believe we have a need for diverse books, and Barefoot Books features diverse casts in many of their products.

I don’t have any kids yet, but I live in Langley with my fiancĂ© and we plan on settling down and raising our future children here. I started this blog as a place to share my thoughts on Barefoot Books, literacy, diversity, learning, and life in Langley.

Welcome to my blog, and I hope you enjoy what I have to offer here!